Our Mission

To facilitate supportive relationships for children through family and friends reading aloud with them. 

Our Vision

That all children will feel the security of caring adult relationships and develop a love of reading through the read-aloud experience.

Who We Serve

Reading together strengthens relationships.

Founder's Message

Children are our future. Their sense of stability, value, and purpose are fundamental to their future – and ours!!  

 2023 was a year of challenges, change, and courage. Thanks to the incredibly important support and encouragement from our community, we were able to contribute to the educational and emotional health of children, youth, and families through the simple activity of reading stories aloud together.  

In the process, children become a catalyst for growth and well-being in all of us. Sharing of our time, talents, and values with children through stories read aloud with them creates a sense of joy and satisfaction as a ripple benefit.  

Reading Legacies commitment to pursue this quest for changing the paradigm in our country to make it a top priority to read aloud with children for educational and emotional benefits is stronger than ever. As we conclude our 14th year of service, we look forward to working alongside all of you as we pursue this common goal for the well-being of our children, youth, and families.  

Onward and Upward! 


– Betty J. Mohlenbrock, M.Ed.

Founder and President, Reading Legacies

What's New with Reading Legacies

Letter of Support

District Attorney Letter of Support 2023

Family Story Hour at Liberty Station

At Family Story Hour, parents and children can listen to and discuss stories read by local children’s book authors or Reading Legacies volunteers. It is held every third Saturday of the month from 3:00 PM-4:00 PM inside Barracks 15 (first floor) at Liberty Station and it is open to parents, families, and children of all ages.

Through engaging families while reading a story aloud, we want to get grandparents, parents, and children excited about reading storybooks together.

After participating in Family Story Hour, we hope you’ll feel encouraged to continue the habit of reading at home, share your experiences, and join us again next time!

Please feel welcome to share this downloadable flyer with friends & family to help spread the word!

Storybook Inspirations Program

Our Storybook Inspirations program is designed to enhance intergenerational relationships by sharing memories and values through storybooks. The purpose of this program is to provide meaningful communication between generations as they read together.

Adult readers are coached and recorded on video reading a favorite book to their children, grandchildren, and other important children in their lives. Their recording and a book are sent to the family to be enjoyed and cherished time and again.

A true “reading legacy” is created as readers reflect on their own memories and life experiences as they read the story aloud. It’s a gift to be treasured by generations!

Program Locations: 

  • Reading Legacies Story Corner at Liberty Station 
  • Retirement facilities in San Diego County 
  • Public Libraries in San Diego County 

Joyride Bookshop

Joyride Bookshop, a mobile children’s bookshop in San Diego, aims to provide a space for all children to discover the wonder, humanity, and capacity of books created and curated just for them.

We believe in community partnerships and the inherent possibility of a story. We want to be a resource for equal representation, independent publishers, books in translation, and books in native languages. Joyride Bookshop values the stories of complex characters and the ideas of underrepresented authors and illustrators.

Location and hours:

  • 2750 Historic Decatur Rd., Suite 104
  • 10 AM-5 PM Thursday – Saturday

Using reading as a way to say, "I love You"

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Mother and Program Beneficiary

“My son was extremely proud of the book afterward, carrying it around with him everywhere. He then later decided to re-read the book to his baby brother!”

Father and
Program Beneficiary

“This is priceless… It actually touches my children, unlike other means… Anytime they pick up a book they, will remember that I took the time to care enough to read to them. Please continue to bring our kids a smile.”

Program Volunteer

“Volunteering for Reading Legacies comes with an invisible badge of honor that I wear proudly on my heart. Knowing that through the book an inmate reads and the video of him reading it, a bond with his child is made and sustained.”

3 Steps You Can Take

To Positively Impact the Life Of A Child

1. Donate

Your contribution helps bring families together through the magic of reading. These experiences make an important difference in the lives of children.

Click here to make a contribution today. 

2. Volunteer

Our work would not be possible without the dedication of our incredible volunteers. Whether you’re a parent, a student, or just looking to give back to your community, we’ll help you find a volunteer role that’s right for you. 

Click here to learn about our current volunteer opportunities. 

3. Make a Lasting Impact

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, thousands of children are read to through our programs each year. All of our donors and volunteers receive our quarterly and annual reports to stay up-to-date on the impact they’ve made in the lives of children and families. 

Click here to view our 2022 Annual Report.

Nicole Vargas

My name is Nicole Vargas. I joined the Reading Legacies team in January 2023. I have a BA in Child Development from Point Loma Nazarene University and 6 years’ experience working with children from ages infancy to adolescence. My role as the Storybook Readers Program Manager is to oversee the programing and implementation of our Youth Readers and Storybook Inspirations programs. As a child development professional, I have firsthand experience seeing the immense impact that reading aloud to children has on their early literacy skills and relationship building within the family and community. One of my favorite children’s books is If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff.