Fun children’s book by former NFL player, Jashon Sykes


Former NFL Player, Jashon Sykes, takes his talent to children’s book literacy.

“Multitask with Jarvis & Dad” is the first book of the Jarvis & Dad series. Jarvis, our main character, is a panda bear who is a fun, energetic, active, creative, and observant. Jarvis is full of imagination and curiosity. Jarvis loves to use his two’s more than his one’s. (He listens with his ears, see’s with his eyes, but does not talk a lot). Jarvis loves to play sports and loves to learn valuable lesson from his dad. Jarvis also has a pet caterpillar that keeps him company throughout the story.

Follow Jashon & Jarvis through their book series as they teach kids valuable life lessons, be inspired to love their families,  understand moral values, and develop an eagerness to learn — all while spending precious, valuable moments reading with their loved ones.

A great story for families and children ages 7-12. Available now on 

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Nicole Vargas

My name is Nicole Vargas. I joined the Reading Legacies team in January 2023. I have a BA in Child Development from Point Loma Nazarene University and 6 years’ experience working with children from ages infancy to adolescence. My role as the Storybook Readers Program Manager is to oversee the programing and implementation of our Youth Readers and Storybook Inspirations programs. As a child development professional, I have firsthand experience seeing the immense impact that reading aloud to children has on their early literacy skills and relationship building within the family and community. One of my favorite children’s books is If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff.