Volunteers make everything we do possible, so THANK YOU for taking the time learn more about Reading Legacies and the various ways you can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of children and families! If you are interested in volunteering with Reading Legacies, please send an email with your full name and the program(s) you’re interested in to info@readinglegacies.org. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these opportunities and look forward to bringing you on board with us!

We are looking for the following volunteer positions:

  • Virtual Youth Reader
  • Grandparent Storybooks Program Volunteer Reader
  • Grandparent Storybooks Program Facilitator 
  • Parent Education Workshop Facilitator
  • Adult Read-Aloud Ambassador
  • Office Support Volunteer


Virtual Youth Reader 

Are you a high-school or college student who enjoys reading aloud? Are you looking to volunteer from home while supporting children in the San Diego community? If so, we invite you to volunteer in our virtual Youth Readers program by creating educational read-aloud videos for preschool children! In your video, you’ll simply read children’s book and demonstrate a simple, literacy-focused activity for the preschoolers to do at home. If you’re interested, please reach out to us before creating your first read-aloud video.

Click here to view an example Youth Reader video featuring the book, “Pete the Cat and the New Guy.” 

Grandparent Storybooks Program Volunteer Reader 

As a volunteer reader in our Grandparent Storybooks program, you’ll visit our Story Corner (located at 2750 Historic Decatur Road at Liberty Station) to read classic storybooks on video! These videos – along with a set of classic books – will be provided at local retirement homes in order to encourage seniors to read with the children in their families on FaceTime or Zoom. In 2022, we plan to bring volunteers inside the retirement homes to offer this program. For now, this is a safe way to support our senior population and remind them that they have many community members who care about them.

Grandparent Storybooks Program Facilitator

Storybooks and grandparents—need we say more? Come and help us create a grandparent’s read-aloud video here at our Story Corner! You’ll spend time coaching and videotaping local seniors as they read stories and share personal memories with the children in their families who will be watching their video. Your time and efforts will allow these seniors to give what is sure to be a cherished gift to their grandchildren. You are helping us create “reading legacies” across San Diego County and beyond!

Parent Education Workshop Facilitator

This role is a special opportunity to empower parents as the first and most important teacher their children will ever have. Our educational workshops are offered to parents in San Diego County as part of our First Teachers program, which aims to engage parents in the development of their children through discussion and collaboration. You’ll have the chance to lead open discussions with a group of parents about the benefits of reading aloud with children, how to utilize available resources, and ways to instill a habit of reading in their homes.

Office Support Volunteer

Do you have some free time during the week? Looking for something you can do this week and not next? If so, office support may be just the opportunity for you! We often have scanning, data entry, phone calls, book inventory, and other office-related tasks that we would love your help with. Like spare change, a few hours here and there really add up!

Adult Read-Aloud Ambassador 

Has reading positively impacted your life? Are you interested in sharing your story? Do you admire the mission of Reading Legacies?

Our goal is to communicate the value of reading aloud with children to our program participants, families, and community members. By reading a story aloud and sharing about the value of reading in your own life, your video will effectively communicate the unique mission of Reading Legacies.

For this role, we are looking to engage adult volunteers who:

  1. Believe in the importance of reading with children
  2. Are willing to encourage/recommend others to read with their children
  3. Wish to share an example of a children’s storybook that they enjoy themselves

To inquire about volunteering, please send an email with your full name and the program(s) you’re interested in volunteering in to info@readinglegacies.org. 

Thank you!