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Grandparent Storybooks program at Reading Legacies San Diego

Grandparent Storybooks is a Reading Legacies program designed to enhance intergenerational family relationships through sharing memories and family values through storybooks. The purpose of this program is to provide meaningful communication between familial generations as they read stories aloud together, using technology to bridge geographical separations and to enhance intergenerational interactions.

Seniors are coached and recorded on video reading a favorite book to their grandchildren, great grandchildren and other loved ones. The recording and book are sent to the family to be enjoyed and cherished time and again. A true “Reading Legacy” is created as readers reflect on their own memories and life experiences as they read the story aloud. It’s a gift to be treasured by generations!

“In 2019, 28 beneficiaries participated in our Reading Legacies program for seniors and their families. This program is made possible by our generous volunteers who gave 28 hours of their time for an impressive 125 total shared story-time sessions. Also generous are the numerous community members, corporations, foundations and agency partners whose financial support help keep these children involved in reading.”

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