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Family Connections

Reading Legacies Family Connections

Reading Legacies’ Family Connections program is designed to instill the joy of reading in children, use shared-reading as a means to strengthen relationships between children and loved ones who are incarcerated, and establish the habit of reading aloud together regularly in the home.

In 2018, 4,763 beneficiaries participated our Reading Legacies program for families. This is all possible due to our trained and dedicated volunteers who generously gave 1,804 hours of their time. Also generous are the numerous community members, corporations, foundations and agency partners whose financial support help keep these families positively connected and children involved in reading.

Creating Family Connections

Reading Legacies Family Connections

The following is a statement and photo are from a mother of a Juvenile Detainee who participated in our Family Connections Program recently: “I just want to say thank you to Reading Legacies for this opportunity to connect my family. It’s not easy being separated from your loved ones. Children don’t always understand or express what they feel. Having a sibling not with them can create emotions that are bigger than them. Having the opportunity to see their sibling is the perfect gift. Bringing a connection in the home through reading is so powerful. The joy they felt receiving this special package in the mail was priceless. When they found out it was a book from their brother, they were so full of excitement. Our hearts are full today. This is not only a great way for us to connect to Matthew, but for Matthew to stay connected with us. Our biggest fear is him feeling left out or alone. Having this program makes it feel like he is still a huge part of our lives and family. We loved the book and experience. Thank you reading legacies for this special gift.”

2018 Program Outcomes

Inmates/Detainees survey results show::

  • 97% reported becoming more aware of importance of reading with the child
  • 96% reported feeling more connect with the child

Children at home survey results show:

  • 85% reported they enjoy reading more
  • 70% report improved relationship with the incarcerated family member

Children’s caregivers at home survey results show:

  • 82% have improved relationship with incarcerated family member
  • 67% are reading more with the child
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Volunteer Testimonial

“Volunteering for Reading Legacies comes with an invisible badge of honor that I wear proudly on my heart, knowing that, through the book which an inmate reads and the video of him reading it, a bond with his child/ren is made and/or sustained.”
– Reading Legacies Family Connections Volunteer

Family Connections Videos

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